Bermuda União
Bermuda Union
Bermuda union
National Flag
"In strength comes glory, In bravery comes honor"
Capital St. George's, Bermuda
Official languagess English, Portugese
Demonym Bermudian
Government Federal capitalist and Representative democracy
- Chairman Maximilian Gaius Von Reginrave
- Chief Executive Officer Berthold Gregor Ridz Durandal
- Dissolution of USA
- Unification of Bermuda

11 March 2006
24 January 2010
Major Religions Roman Catholic
National Animal Bermuda Petrel
Total Area 407,197.2 km2
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
Currency Bermudian Dollar (BUD)
Literacy Rate 89.1%
Internet TLD .bu
Driving Lane Right
Date Format dd/mm/yyyy
Time Zone UTC-5:00

The Bermuda Union (also referred to as Bermuda Empire or the Union) is a country in the North Atlantic Ocean. Its sovereign territories are Bermuda, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia.

The Bermuda Union is also one of the biggest importer of BLITZ weapons.


Pre-Union HistoryEdit

The three U.S. states that compromise the Bermuda Union were key factors in the fall of the United States. These states were some of the first ones to separate themselves from the U.S. government which incited other states to do the same. Soon, anarchic movements were threatening the organized government of the independent nations of Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. These nations formed an alliance to protect the existence and interests of each other against the current rising threats. This alliance attracted another nation, Bermuda, to join the mentioned alliance which coined it the name Bermuda Union. However, internal conflict between the signatories of the alliance, with provocation of military conflict, led to its disbandment.

Post-Union HistoryEdit

The Bermuda Union was soon reformed when the signatories were threatened by bigger nations and were slowly being invaded. To save themselves from utter destruction, they once again formed the Union but this time, as a nation not as an alliance to prevent its disbandment and decay.


The Bermuda Union, though regarded as a nation, is actually an alliance of four independent micro-nations which are called state-signatories.

The Union is led by the Chairman, the head of all the Board of Directors and of the alliance. The Chairman has the overall power of the government and is elected by the people from the current board. The Board of Directors are the head of each of the four state-signatories that forms the Union. Each Director has the power compared to a governor and manage each state-signatory of their birthplace.

The Chief Executive Officer is the head of the cabinet and holds limited powers of the chairman. The Cabinet is comprised of Secretaries of the State who govern a state department each according to their respective expertise.


The Bermuda Union is made up of state-signatories which are, by themselves, independent micro-nations. These state-signatories are Bermuda, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia.


The Bermuda Union has a very strong economy with no recessions since its formation. With its strong economy, the Union was able to sign the Technological Equality Deal with the Pacific Empire.

The foundation of the Union's economy are the transportation, mining, energy, construction and manufacturing industries.


The League Militaire is the official military and armed forces of the Bermuda Union. Its branches are:

  • League Army
  • League Air Force
  • League Navy
  • League Guards - an elite paramilitary force given to each state-signatory for the discretion of each Director.
  • Squad 422: Schwarzen Hund - a squad consisting of the only 26 Perfect Soldiers the Bermuda Union has. These soldiers were given by the Pacific Empire to the Union through the Technological Equality Deal.
  • BESPA - Bermuda Elite Services of Protection Agency.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Republic of Oceania has formal relations with the Pacific Empire through the Technological Equality Deal.

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