Benmecha is a militarily highly decorated member of the New Pacific Order, with a long list of military achievements. He joined the NPO on January 4, 2007, the very first day of his nations existence. Benmecha had joined the red team, simply because it was his favourite colour and chose the NPO because it seemed the strongest alliance about. He was immediately attacked by a rogue, but protected by his new alliance.

Benmecha began his career as an official after being volunteered as IBC (now GOD) diplomat and became squad leader of Wolverine squad on the 25th of February. Later Benmecha formed another squad; called EoS and was selected as squad leader on the 21st of August. FatherBill, a battalion LT at the time, made Benmecha one of his NCOs on September 8, he was then transferred over to Donut THX 1138 when Fatherbill resigned. Benmecha was one of those cruelly triple-quadded in the opening salvo of the VietFAN war on September 15.

Benmecha was made Diplomatic Consul of the then-Blue/Orange Sphere on the 27th. He was promoted to LT of a higher battalion when Jasmines Jewels was promoted to General on October 24, and was promoted again to diplomat to the White/Multicolored Sphere on November 6.

Benmecha restarted his nation on November 22 because he was finally fed up with his poor resources (Sugar and Wine). After restarting a second time, his resources are now Iron and Oil.

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