Benjamin Smythe
Date of Birth
13 June 1983
Place of Birth
City of Eternal Rain, Burmecia
1.89 m
76 kg
Previous profession
Student, Black Ops Soldier

Lord Benjamin Smythe is the current leader of Diamont. Whilst also being the Monarch of the state of Diamont, he is many other things both in legal terms and in social terms. He is (unknown to all but those who directly work with him) the Supreme Commander of Diamont's Black Ops unit, "Organisation 13". He is also married to Vanshira Kasores and has five children with her, in order of birth: Callie Rose Kasores, Laisana Kasores, Benjamin David Smythe, Kella Kasores and Jake Arthur Smythe. Under Kehjistani culture, girls are born with their mother's surname and boys with their father's hence the variation in surnames. It should also be noted that Callie and Laisana are twins.

Benjamin is a proud leader and an usher of technological superiority, known to many as Diamont's "Dark Knight". He developed magnetic shield technology as well as the first "Titan"-class Air Cruisers, as well as the legendary Sky Fortress Bahamut. He is not exactly a supporter of mass war as can be seen from his campaigns in the Third Great War where Diamont was razed. Since then it has been rebuilt to a stronger level than ever before under his guiding hand and is unlikely to stop this progress any time soon.

Up until the Third Great War's end, Benjamin was a prominent figure within The Legion. However, the failings of the alliance as well as some of their members, such as Hobgoblin70 caused him to leave with comrades to form Kaleidoscope which then came under attack from the Federation of Armed Nations. He was a Minister of War within Invicta, one of their most powerful nations. He is currently a member of TheZoo.

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