The Republic of Belka

Belka Official Flag
Belka Motto: Fear Not, For we Ride onwards
Team Color Maroon team Maroon
Founder(s) Aiden Ford
Founded May 25th 2006

Overview Edit

   The People of Belka are a hardworking and Industrious People. From the Rebirth of the Republic, to the Constant wars against Communism. The Leader of the People Aiden Ford has lead it on a Historical Path of Greatness, and Tradegy. 

From the Humble Beginnings in the Year of 2006, Belka was born in Conflict. Her Borders were already underattack on the day she was formed. Attackers from all sides learned not to underestimate Belkan Blood and Iron. In Late October the People of Belka were given a Mission. They were to find the source of Communist Guerillas in a Neighboring Nation. The People lead the Offensive into a Nation Aligned with SoL and crushed them. Later, in November the Belkan Panzers crushed 7 ICP Nations, and forced Humiliating Peace Terms apon them, unlike their friends.

During the Second Great War Belka was busy with an Internal Affair, helping the Serbian Knights Alliance rebuild their shattered alliance, and restoring a sense of Nationalism in the Serbs. From there, things went downhill for a while as Inactivity declined.

Motto Edit

Fear Not, for we Ride Onwards.

Anthem Edit

The Anthem of Belka is Prussies Glories

History Edit

Early History Edit

Belka was founded during Late May 2006.

October, the month of War Edit

During October 2006, the Nation of Belka engaged, and destroyed 7 ICP Nations

A new hope for the SKA Edit

SGA-Ford with several people left NoR and came to SKA.He wanted to get the allance back on its feet from what seemed to be certain collapse.He advertised the alliance.At this time Ghost addressed the nations of SKA saying that they need to reorganise and have a strong leader, the nation leaders elected him as president.

The First End Edit

During the Summer, with many things happening in Real Life, Belka was deleted for Inactivity.

Re-Establishment Edit

In Early September Belka was Re-Established

The Beginning of the End Edit

Starting During the LSF-NoR War, the People of Belka began to Question the Policies of Norden Verein, and finally began to actively Aid a fried from the Past, Comrade Yev. From the beginning till the end, Belka acted with Honor

NoV's Betrayal Edit

On October 11, 2007, the Alliance Norden Verien finally began the end of Belka

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