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The Belkan Armed Forces was formed in 1911 after its revolution. It began as a citizen army and soon moved to becoming a professional force. The Belkan Army has consistently recruited mercenaries. One such group recently recruited was from the Nation of Red Sox, where 2,000 guns for hire moved to assist the regular army in their campaign against Digital Horizons.

To join, the minimum requirement is 17 years of age, and have at least secondary level education. Then they are moved up to the regular army at 19 years of age, or two years after joining. After then may choose a career path, either becoming field soldiers, NCOs or administrative staff. Additionally, recruits that are deemed talented will be put into Elite Marines unit, known as the Spectres. Field troops are expected to master in one weapon and have an adequate knowledge of several more. In the Belkan Army, it is unique for soldiers to pick their own equipment available to their rank.

For those unwilling to serve outside the country's borders, there is a home guard division that is always 20% of their nation's population.

In the future, the Spectres may be receiving new experimental technology upgrades, upgrading armor and weaponry.

Current Miltiary Arsenal[]

Regular Forces[]

Assault Rifles- AK-101/103, M4A1, Tavor TAR-21, Vepr, Steyr AUG, INSAS

SMG- P90, HK5, MK-9, Shipka, SAF

Sidearms- 9mm Beretta, Desert Eagle, Glock

Light MG- Stoner 63, MG4, Negev, Ameli, M249

Heavy Weapons- FIM-92, FGM-148, M252, 9K32, Anza, Type 91


Assault Rifles- AK-47, M16, PM md.90, Galil, Steyr AUG, INSAS, HK-33, L85

SMG- MAC-10/11, SAF, Uzi

Sidearms- Glock, Beretta

Light MG- Stoner 63, MG4, RPK

Heavy Weapons- FIM-92, FGM-148

Elite Marines and Commandos- 'Spectres'[]

Assault Rifles- XM8, Tavor TAR-21, HK417, K-11, FN-SCAR, A-91, Type 86S, G36


Sidearms- Desert Eagle

Light MG- Ameli

Armored Brigade[]

Tanks- Challenger, M2 Abrams