MHA Small Flag

Mostly Harmless Alliance (MHA) Flag
"Every once in a while, declare peace. It will confuse the hell out of your enemies."
National Anthem
Anthem For The Year 2000
Capital City Malkov
Official Language(s) English/Irish
Established 2/12/2011
(3,292 days old)
Government Type Capitalist Capitalist
Ruler Belari
Alliance MHA Small Flag
Mostly Harmless Alliance
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Since 03/15/2011 (3,261 days)
Nation Team Yellow team Yellow
Statistics as of 12/8/2012
Total population 73,592
Religion Norse Norse
Native Resources Aluminum Cattle

Belari is a current Triumvir of the Mostly Harmless Alliance. She joined CN initially under a different name in December 2006.

History Edit

Belari is the new identity adopted by a former ruler whose behavior was not conducive to her status as Empress. This is Belari's third attempt at ruling a nation on Bob, and her citizens are slightly wary of her past exploits, though they all support her policies wholeheartedly. Her first nation, Quenatra, was the focal point for much political intrigue and piracy, due to its ruler's familial ties with the seedy underworld. When her nation was destroyed in 2008, Belari (then known as Kylliah) was given the option to retire completely from Bob and go into seclusion.

This lasted for some time until, unable to resist the lure of the diplomatic politics, she rejoined as Kiida. Under this new identity, she joined Sparta, recalling that they had been allied to her previous alliance when she was last involved. Much to her surprise (and chagrin), the Karma War soon broke out, and she found herself up against her former comrades. Refusing to fight those she still called brothers and sisters, it did not take her long to fade back into obscurity and remove herself completely from Bob for a time.

When she was offered a chance to come back by several friends she had made along the way, she jumped at the chance, but on one condition. Her old identities must be shed, and she would start fresh somewhere new. At the behest of her close confidant, she chose the Mostly Harmless Alliance. She has been there ever since.

MHA Positions Held Edit

  • Interviewer
  • Secretary of Jobs
  • Diplomat
  • Court Officer (June 11 - August 11) *suspension of the courts followed*
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Court Officer (February 12 - November 12) *reinstatement of the courts*
  • Triumvir

War history Edit

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