late October 2007

Date Started: Oct. 20, 2007. Date Ended: November 5, 2007

Bayonet Alley was an anti-rogue war fought by the Christian Coalition of Countries in defense of The Goblin, an alliance member. Two nations from the World Task Force had gone rogue and attacked Goblin's nation, Free Country USA.

After an initial delay as the Foreign Affairs department negotiated with WTF - WTF released the two rogue nations from alliance protection - several CCC nations launched their attacks. The attacks were amazingly successful, and one of the attacking nations lost 60% of his NS in a single night. Attacks are ongoing.

The war was named after a rather spectacular series of bayonet charges made by infantry units from Blue Cosmos against entrenched units of the Cinq Kingdom that began on the late night and early morning hours of October 23–24.

A series of renewed counter-attacks on the part of the CCC continued the conflict into early November. By then, however, the original aggressor nations had few military units left, and the second half of the war was little more than a mop-up operation punctuated by an occasional air raid or special forces mission. By November 8, the final CCC occupation forces withdrew from the Cinq Kingdom's dwindling territories. Plans for continued assaults on Epion beyond this date were canceled.



Final Result:

After the war, the Cinq Kingdom was dissolved, with Flash51 abdicating. Flash51's location is currently unknown, but it is suspected that he is in hiding in the Epion capital of Zanarkand.

The nation of Epion was reduced to near rubble, with much of its national resources seized by members of the CCC. Catchfire has implemented a "Democratic Reconstruction" program for his nation, and many signs of the war are rapidly disappearing. Downtown Zanarkand has been completely rebuilt, with reconstruction efforts beginning to reach the city's outlying quarters.

Meanwhile, the CCC was able to use this conflict to successfully test its ability to respond to aggression and coordinate a rapid series of counter-attacks.

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