The United Workers' Councils of Battousai567
Capital City Kyoto
Alliance Libertarian Socialist Federation
National Motto Proletariat of the World Unite!
National Anthem The Internationale
Founding 1/4/2007
ICP January '07 - February '07
SWF February '07 - April '07
SECOM April '07 - June '07
LSF June '07 - Present


The United Workers' Councils of Battousai567


  • Joined ICP 2 weeks prior to GWII
  • Stayed until merger into SWF
  • Was a member for about a month and a half


  • Fought on the side of ICP against 4+ NPO nations
  • Ended war with about same strength or slightly less as entering


  • Joined as part of the merger between ICP and SWF
  • Stayed until dissolution following Great War III
  • Was a member for about 2 and 1/2 months

St. Patrick's Day WarEdit

  • Voted/Argued to enter the St. Patrick's Day War in defense of LSF
  • Fought on the side of SWF against 3 NoR nations in aid of LSF nations
  • Ended war with slightly less strength as entering


  • Voted/Argued against entering an aggressive war against NoR
  • Continued attack on idle NoR from St. Patrick's Day Massacre
  • Fought on the side of SWF against 5+ NoR nations
  • Ended war in ZI, later rebuilt
  • SWF disbanded following the war


  • Joined following the disbanding of SWF
  • Stayed until about 2 weeks prior to SECOM's merger into ICPv2
  • Was a member for about two months and was very inactive during the time

LSF Part 1Edit

LSF-NoV WarEdit

  • Fought on the side of LSF in the LSF-NoV War against countless NoV, NV, and FEAR nations
  • Fought to and from ZI multiple times
  • Fought in battles starting 10/1/2007
  • The war lasted over 8 months
  • FEAR declares peace with LSF in early April
  • Some member alliances of the Continuum declare on NoV in early May
  • Final battle personally fought was on 5/25/2008 (entered peace mode to rebuild following ZI)
  • Peace with NV official on 6/12/2008
  • NoV declares no peace, and is ultimately disbanded by the Continuum later

LSF Part 2Edit

  • Took part of the development/acceptance of the new LSF Constitution
  • Took part in the Tech deal peace terms with NV
  • Elected first Puba (Public Announcer) of the LSF on May 30, 2008
  • Elected Coordinator of Alliance Security in the following election (October 10) and was re-elected until September 1, 2010.
  • Have been a member of the LSF for about 22 months as of May 1, 2009

Karma WarEdit

  • In mid April, INT along with Karma attacked the NPO starting the Karma war
  • NATO, an ally of the NPO, dropped their treaty with the NPO but soon after defended the NPO and declared on INT
  • The LSF voted to defend INT and declared on NATO on April 24, 2009
  • Fought on the side of LSF in defense of INT against 1 NATO nation with Trikoupis and Skinz
  • NATO received white peace from INT, LSF, and allies on April 30, 2009
  • Ended the war much stronger than entering

LSF Part 3Edit

  • Joined the Commune of the LSF
  • Developed first nuclear weapon through the Manhattan Project on May 14, 2009
  • Reached 1000th day of existence on September 30, 2009
  • Entered a period of inactivity for a few months

TOP-C&G WarEdit

  • Fought on the side of LSF in defense of NATO in the TOP-C&G War against 1 GOONS nation
  • Entered the war with no SDI, received daily nuclear strikes
  • First nuclear war for my nation
  • NATO and LSF surrendered Feb, 20, 2010
  • Ended the war moderately weaker, but better off than my opponent due to assistance from other LSF/NATO nations

LSF Part 4Edit

  • Entered a period of extreme inactivity during the middle of 2010
  • Did not run for Coordinator of Alliance Security for September elections due to inactivity
  • Returned to active status following the September elections

PB-NpO WarEdit

  • Sat in reserves in peace mode for the first five days of the PB-NpO War
  • Fought on the side of LSF in defense of INT against 1 MCXA nation with Trikoupis
  • Battles were extremely successful but received daily nuclear strikes
  • MCXA surrendered to allied forces a few days later
  • Ended the war about the same as entering
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