Battle of Thunder Bay
Part of the Jihad War of the United States of JBR
DR helicopter
A Deltoran Helicopter firing a missle into a communist crusier
Date May 2, 2011
Location Thunder Bay, Supieror (SUP),DR
Result Pro-JBRican Victory
DR flag Deltoran Republic
JBR Flag United States of JBR
South Africa Union of Midway
Russia Communist Party of Deltora
DR flag Laura Nifestri
25px Gregor Hammelson
Russia Furel deGardei
Casualties and losses
154 killed
34 wounded
1 captured
3 missing
4 tanks destroyed
2 helicopters
1 destroyer sunk
1,327 killed
2,394 wounded
200 tanks lost
5 destroyers
20 navel jets

The Battle of Thunder Bay was a battle in the Jihad War of the United States of JBR when Wikileaks published a Communist Deltora document locating the alledged headquarters of the Communist Party. Deltoran president Laura Nifestri, upon hearing this, ordered the deployment of Pro-JBRIcan Special Forces to be dispatched to attempt to capture Fidel deGardei, the leader of the uprising, and place him on the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact Justice Court for proper trial for Crimes against Humanity.

The operation commenced with 20 Apache Helicopters, 4 C-5 Galaxys, 15 F/A-22 Raptors, and 10 twin-roter Chinook helicopters. The Chinooks landed at Thunder Bay International Airport. Soldiers came out and captured the airport from Communist control, and destroyed severel MIG fighters. After the runway was cleared, the Apaches escorted the cargo craft as the landed,dispatching tanks, more helicopters, and soldiers.

Battle of Thunder Bay battle map

Map of troop movements:      Pro-JBRican troop movements      Communist troop movements

The force stormed the streets of Thunder Bay, destroying any military structures and Communist Soldiers. They came to the Canada Games Complex, and found a group of tanks massacuring civilains. The force immedently engaged the tanks, and after 15 minutes of combat, the tanks began moving towards a garage in a nearby hospital. The Pro-JBRican tanks followed. When they were within 200 yards of the garage, more tanks pulled out of the building. Deltoran Air Support bombarded the building, destroying 150 tanks.

Thunder Bay Hospital

The hospital shortly before the battle

The Pro-JBRicans located the residence of Communist leader Furel deGardei, and set to capture deGardei. deGardei's personal bodyguards were engulfed in a firefight with the Pro-JBRicans, and deGardei snuck away unharmed. The building was exploded by a bomb dropped from a jet.
deGardei's current whereabouts are unknown.

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