Shinra-KoC battle
Part of the War of the First Coalition
Date August 16 — August 21, 2008
Casus belli KoC: Protectors both at war; therefore declaration
Result White peace; KoC military victory
Knights of Cydonia
Shinra Corporation



The battle of Shinra was an armed military conflict between Knights of Cydonia and the Shinra Corporation during the War of the First Coalition. Both alliance leaders have had a history of conflict, therefore the declaration during a major conflict and since both are protected by large alliances who are at war with each other, was most suitable.

Although the majority of Shinra, is in peace mode the conflict intensifies as Shinras leaders claims to attack KoC another day and 'knock there lights out'. As of August 18, two nations are at war in the Shinra Corporation, as 7 are in peace mode.

By August 21, 7 nations of Shinra Corporation are at war with several alliances including Knights of Cydonia and the battle is ongoing.

The war ended with the alliances declaring white peace.

Before battle Edit

Kamil: "We are in peace mode to knock your lights out another day Shovel."

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