Battle of Sand Islet City
Part of the Midwayan Civil War
Date April 8, 2011
Location Sand Islet City, Sand Islet Province, Union of Midway

Red Front attacks Sand Islet City.

Status Ended; Midwayan victory.
South Africa Union of Midway RedFrontFlag Red Front
3,000 Midwayan infantry 2,000 Red Front soldiers
Casualties and losses
1611 killed
121 injured
3 missing
521 killed
101 injured
1 missing

The Battle of Sand Islet City is one of the first battles of the Midwayan Civil War. The battle began in the morning when the Red Front issued a declaration of war against the Union of Midway, and attacked Aldebaran, Eastern City, Sand Islet City, and Kure City simultaneously. The Red Front had the element of surprise on their side, though that didn't effect the battle. The Red Front killed many Midwayan soldiers, but gained little ground. Eventually, the Red Front was pushed into the defensive. Then the Midwayan military relentlessly attacked the remaining Red Front forces, until the Red Front retreated.

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