Battle of Pearl and Hermes Atoll
Part of the Jihad War of the United States of JBR
MNS Yamato
The MNS Yamato, the Kouga class destroyer sunk in the battle.
Date March 11, 2011
Location Pearl and Hermes Atoll, Union of Midway

MNS Yamato investigates strange radar signals originating from Pearl and Hermes Atoll, turns out to be a small base of FNR.

Status Ended
South Africa Union of Midway
JBR Flag United States of JBR
Flag of Bobogoobo Bobogoobo
Islamic Flag International Muslim Community
RNFflag National Revolutionary Front
South Africa Franz Seidler RNFflag Pietro Celega
5 Destroyers
3 light cruisers
2 PT Boats
10 other ships
100 planes
500~600 soldiers
120 FNR agents
1 officers
Casualties and losses
1 Destroyer sunk
1 PT boat sunk
30 killed
10 injured
4 missing (presumed dead)
60 killed

The Battle of Pearl and Hermes Atoll was the first battle fought between pro-JBRican forces and the National Revolutionary Front (FNR) in the Jihad War of the United States of JBR. It began around noon, when the Midwayan destroyer, MNS Yamato, detected strange radar signals coming from Pearl and Hermes Atoll. They went to investigate, as nobody was supposed to be there because it was a wildlife refuge. Soon after arriving the Destroyer was shelled by FNR artillery, and sunk. The Yamato managed to get a message to the Union of Midway before being sunk, and pro-JBRican forces arrived in the area within 20 minutes. The pro-JBRican forces were led by Admiral Franz Seidler, one of the highest ranking officers in the Midwayan navy. The commander of the FNR forces there was identified as Pietro Celega, a well known anti-government protester and war-veteran within the Union of Midway. The pro-JBRican forces that arrived at the scene were also immediately fired upon by FNR artillery, but the pro-JBRican forces managed to avoid the artillery fire long enough to be able to get ground troops onto the land. In the ground battle that ensued, FNR forces saw that they were outmatched and outnumbered. So Pietro Celega left half of his soldiers in the base as a distraction while the remaining soldiers did a tactical withdrawal. The soldiers within the base were all killed in action. The soldiers that made it outside were immediateness fired upon by the naval and air forces, but managed to avoid fire long enough to get onto escape vessels and start escaping. PT boats continued the chase, as they were the fastest of the ships, but one was sunk when hit by a bomb under its hull. A majority of its crew was rescued, but 4 people remain missing. They are presumed to have been killed. The FNR forces were lost in the Pacific Ocean, reportedly heading in the direction of Southern California, however this remains unconfirmed and there whereabouts unknown. Pietro Celega later led the group of terrorists that attacked the Ensco Ram in the Disappearance of the Ensco Ram.

Soon after the battle the government of the Union of Midway issued a $3 million bounty for the capture of Pietro Celega alive. The bounty was increased to $6 million after the Disappearance of the Ensco Ram.

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