Battle of Necocli
Part of the Antioquian Unification War
Bombed buildings in Necocli.
Date May 20 - May 22, 2012
Location Necocli, Antioquia
08°25′N 76°47′O

The National Army of Antioquia deploys troops in the town of Necocli in order to dismantle the United Self Defenses of Antioquia.

Status Ended; Decissive Victory in the Antioquian Unification War
Antioquiaban.svg Republic of Antioquia SDUA United Self-Defenses of Antioquia
Antioquiaban.svg Kovrov Stoyanovich
Antioquiaban.svg Alfred Garza
Antioquiaban.svg Julio Petrenko
SDUA Timochenko Perez
2,000 Antioquian Soldiers 1,200 USDA Soldiers
Casualties and losses
137 killed
68 injured
1 missing
1,015 killed
121 injured
61 captured
3 missing

The Battle of Necocli is the most important battle in the Antioquian Unification War and at the same time, the last official conflict of the war. It began at 3:21 PM of May 20 of 2012, when mortars of the USDA opened fire against the Army convoy and the soldiers of the division Freedom II where forced to open fire. At 3:51 PM the division FII has already occupied the town hall of Necocli and started the positioning of the Artillery equipment. The exchange of artillery lasted 3 hours, and at 8:15 PM the division Valley captured the main camp of the USDA, at the northeast of Necocli. In May 21, the National Army assaulted the last resistance points in Necocli and captured Timochenko Perez, several small encounters continued all the day. In May 22, the last groups of the USDA are either defeated or surrendered to the National Army. On May 24, Kovrov gave the order of return at 8:59 AM, ending with the Battle.

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