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Battle of Mount Barker
Part of the Jernan Civil War
Mount Barker
Plantagenet Hotel, Mount Barker
Date 22–23 April 20151
Location Mount Barker, Republic of Jerna
Result Decisive Arrnea Loyalist victory
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Arrnea Loyalists
ScanFed ScanFederation
SicilianAllianceFlag Sicilian Alliance
Flag of Großgermania Großgermania
Flag of the Republic of Jerna People's Armed Forces
PSPRJFLag Arrnea
SicilianAllianceFlag Luciano Zito
Flag of Großgermania Günter Kehrer
Flag of the Republic of Jerna William Alcock
Arrnea Loyalists
1 Avalon ACV
16 Battle Suits
120 aircraft
200 tanks
Sicilian Alliance
6,000 infantry
300 tanks
100 aircraft
11,000 infantry
300 tanks
96 aircraft

20,640 total personnel
13,000 infantry
500 tanks
120 aircraft

15,480 total personnel
Casualties and losses
Arrnea Loyalists
4 aircraft lost
27 tanks destroyed
Sicilian Alliance
65 infantry killed
107 infantry wounded
42 tanks destroyed
7 aircraft lost
235 infantry killed
307 infantry wounded
51 tanks destroyed
3 aircraft lost

1,208 total casualties
1,901 infantry killed
4,578 infantry captured
1,752 infantry deserted
372 tanks destroyed
83 tanks deserted
60 aircraft lost

10,111 total casualties
1 Using the Jernan Calendar Sysytem; foreign nations involved in the war mark the year as 2009.

The Battle of Mount Barker was a major military confrontation between the forces of the People's Armed Forces (PAF), who were loyal to the military junta that took over the Republic of Jerna after the coup d’état, and the forces of the Dominion of ScanFederation, the Sicilian Alliance, Großgermania, fighting alongside the Arrnea loyalist forces.

The battle was a major victory for the Arrnea loyalists, with PAF forces routed utterly in the battle, resulting in a massive blow to PAF morale, which is considered to be a major part of the success of the subsequent ANZAC Day Offensive by Loyalist forces. This offensive was responsible for recapturing much of the country from the forces loyal to the coup d’état. Many PAF forces deserted during the battle, fighting instead on the side of the Arrnea loyalists.