Battle of Magdalena
Part of Expansionist Campaigns of Antioquia
Antioquian tanks going to battle
Date July 23 - July 24
Location Antioquia, Magdalena Medio

Antioquia-Colombia War

Status Ended; Decisive Victory for the Antioquian Forces
Antioquiaban.svg Republic of Antioquia Colombia Colombia
Antioquiaban.svg Kovrov Stoyanovich
Antioquiaban.svg Alfred Garza
Antioquiaban.svg Julio Petrenko
Colombia Manuel Santos
7.000 Soldiers, 50 War tanks, 15 Aircraft, 20 Artillery Batteries 16.000 Soldiers, 45 War tanks, 4 Aircraft, 30 Artillery Batteries
Casualties and losses
2.000 Soldiers, 5 War Tanks, 2 Artillery Batteries 15.102 Soldiers, 40 War Tanks, 30 Artillery Batteries, 898 Captured

The Battle of Magdalena is the name given to the conflict between the Republic of Antioquia and the Republic of Colombia over the region of Magdalena. The Battle originated after the Liberty Offensive that included a detailed plan of invasion to magdalena. This offensive generated a quick response from the National Army of Antioquia, who smashed the untrained-Colombian forces with great ease.

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