Battle of Kure Atoll
Part of the Great Pacific War
Date June 3-June 8, 2011
Location Kure Atoll Province, Union of Midway (the DPRM at the time)

The Union Resistance attacks the Kure Atoll Province

Result The Kure Atoll Province is captured by the Union Resistance.
The whole Kure Atoll Province is liberated by the Union Resistance.

DPRMFlag Democratic People's Republic of Midway
South Africa Union Resistance
DPRMFlag Daniel Bullock South Africa Ulysses Lee
South Africa Franz Seidler
50,000 soldiers
20 tanks
10,000 soldiers
Casualties and losses
10,000 soldiers
3,000 defected
13 tanks captured
2,000+ soldiers
9,000 civilians

The Battle of Kure Atoll is a major battle in the Great Pacific War. It began when the Union Resistance, an organization within the Democratic People's Republic of Midway (DPRM) which fight to try to restore the Union of Midway after the 2011 Midwayan coup d'état, attacked Kure Atoll.

The Union Resistance attacked early in the morning of June 3rd, and quickly earned the attention of the military of the DPRM. Daniel Bullock sent 50,000 soldiers and 20 tanks to try to stop the Union Resistance. The Union Resistance held their ground for the remainder of the day.

On June 4th, the DPRM began striking at various places that the Union Resistance held. Many of these positions were heavily defended and the DPRM suffered heavy casualties as a result. The Union Resistance then ordered their soldiers to hide and strike when the enemy finds them. Over the next 2 days the DPRM searched for the forces of the Union Resistance but couldn't find it.

Believing that the Union Resistance may be hiding within the civilian sector, Daniel Bullock ordered that the military of the DPRM fire into area's heavily populated by civilians on June 7th. Some soldiers within the DPRM disagreed with the decision, and as a result 3,000 soldiers defected, resulting in the Union Resistance capturing 13 tanks.

On June 8th the Union Resistance conducted a massive surprise counterattack, and overwhelmed the soldiers of the DPRM. The DPRM retreated from the Kure Atoll Province, and the battle ended in a victory for the Union Resistance.

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