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Battle of Jerna City
Part of Jernan Civil War
Jerna City at Night
Aerial photograph of Jerna City at night
Date 11–12 May 20151
Location Jerna City, Republic of Jerna
Result Arrnea Loyalist victory
Jernan Civil War ends
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Arrnea Loyalists
ScanFed ScanFederation
SicilianAllianceFlag Sicilian Alliance
Flag of Großgermania Großgermania
Flag of the Republic of Jerna People's Armed Forces
PSPRJFLag Arrnea
PSPRJFLag Siegfried Schwarzwind
ScanFed Auel Firestorm
SicilianAllianceFlag Luciano Zito
Flag of Großgermania Günter Kehrer
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Jacob Kinsey
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Alexander Munro
Flag of the Republic of Jerna William Highgate
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Richard Andrews
SouthportFlag Adrian Watson
Arrnea Loyalists
15,000 infantry
1,300 tanks
3 aircraft carriers
2 submarines
5 frigates
217 aircraft
4,900 infantry
360 tanks
1 submarine aircraft carrier
Sicilian Alliance
6,850 infantry
250 tanks
91 aircraft
14,000 infantry
500 tanks
88 aircraft

~56,000 total personnel
People's Armed Forces
45,000 infantry
4,400 tanks
2 aircraft carriers
3 submarines
5 destroyers
350 aircraft

~67,350 total personnel
Casualties and losses
Arrnea Loyalists
4 infantry killed
2 infantry wounded
1 frigate sunk
12 aircraft lost
15 helicopters lost
Sicilian Alliance
3 infantry wounded
4 aircraft lost
4 infantry wounded
3 aircraft lost

277 total casualties
39 infantry killed
2 aircraft carriers captured
3 submarines sunk
57 aircraft lost

796 total casualties
1 Using the Jernan Calendar Sysytem; foreign nations involved in the war mark the year as 2009.

The Battle of Jerna City was the final and decisive battle in the Jernan Civil War. Following an infiltration of Jerna City by the Arrnea Loyalists and their allies, full-scale military operations commenced against the military junta in control of the city. The battle ended with the surrender of two of the three PAF generals in control of the city and the death of the third, which was widely reported as a suicide despite evidence to the contrary being released afterward. Following the battle, Arrnea was reinstated as president of the Republic of Jerna.