Battle of Hope city
Part of the Jihad War of the United States of JBR
Date March 27, 2011-March 28, 2011
Location Hope City, Far Eastern Territory, Union of Midway

FNR attacks Hope City.

Status Ended
South Africa Union of Midway RNFflag National Revolutionary Front RedFrontFlag Red Front
South Africa Zhou Guofeng RNFflag Pietro Celegaǂ RedFrontFlag Daniel Bullock
3,000 soldiers
20 tanks
600 soldiers
15 armored vehicles
200 soldiers
30 armored vehicles
Casualties and losses
12 killed
12 injured
132 killed
32 injured
10 killed
5 injured
ǂInjured but escaped.

The Battle of Hope City is a battle that occurred in Hope City, in the Far Eastern Territory of the Union of Midway. It is also the first conflict that the Red Front took part in. The battle started when the National Revolutionary Front attacked Hope City. The military of the Union of Midway was immediately deployed in an attempt to handle the situation. However, the Red Front also took action, and made it to Hope City before the military of the Union of Midway. The leader of the attacking forces was identified as Pietro Celega, and the Red Front immediately opened fire on FNR forces that were in the city. The military of the Union of Midway arrived shortly after and followed suit. The Red Front quickly secured and gained control of the city. Pietro Celega ordered a tactical retreat, and was shot in the arm by the Midwayan army, but managed to escape with the help of his subordinates. The government of the Union of Midway thanked the Red Front for their assistance, and asked for the return of control of the city to the Union of Midway. However the Red Front refused, after some deliberation the government of the Union of Midway threatened to use military force to retake the city if it wasn't returned peacefully by March 30th. On March 28th, the Red Front returned control of the city to the Union of Midway. Soon after it was found that a small portion of the cities population had been successfully propagandized into communists.


The move made by the Red Front has been criticized by many people in the Union of Midway, and Emperor Zabuza Hashimoto even condemned the Red Fronts actions on a nationally televised speech.

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