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Battle of Esperance
Part of the Jernan Civil War
Beach at Esperance
Date 22 April 20151
Location Esperance, Republic of Jerna
Result Großgermanian victory
Flag of Großgermania Großgermania Flag of the Republic of Jerna People's Armed Forces
Flag of Großgermania Maarten van Ulft Flag of the Republic of Jerna Joshua Richardson
200 infantry
20 tanks
280 total personnel
100 infantry
100 total personnel
Casualties and losses
2 infantry killed
11 infantry wounded

13 total casualties
20 infantry killed
7 infantry captured

27 total casualties
1 Using the Jernan Calendar Sysytem; foreign nations involved in the war mark the year as 2009.

The Battle of Esperance was a battle occurring at the Jernan port and military base of Esperance. The battle, of a relatively small scale, was between the Imperial Military of Großgermania and the People's Armed Forces of the Republic of Jerna, who were fighting for the military junta that assumed de facto power in that country earlier in the month.

The battle occurred on 22 April, in the year 2015 under the Jernan calendar system (2009 by the Großgermanian calendar). Coordinated with the Battle of Mount Barker, the battleplan saw an early naval disembarkment of Großgermanian tanks and infantry. A small-scale assault on the main gate of the Esperance Military Base by approximately fifty soldiers resulted in the majority of casualties on both sides. Following the reinforcement of the initial assault by armored tanks, the remaining Jernan personnel surrendered the city to Großgermanian control.