Battle for Wloclawek
Part of the Prussian Civil War
Prussian artillery bombards the city.
Date May 09, 2011 - May 12, 2011
Location Wloclawek, Poland

Prussian National Army forces attack Wloclawek.

Status Ended; Prussian victory
PrussianWarFlag2 Prussian Empire Poland Armia Wyzwolenia Polska
Slovakia Slovakia
PrussianWarFlag2 Alfred von Schliefen
PrussianWarFlag2 Hans Grosse
Poland Bogusław Klemens
76,000 Prussian infantry
470 Artillery batteries
46,780 Polish infantry
36,000 Polish militia
7,500 Slovak infantry
Casualties and losses
13,890 killed
4,568 injured
172 missing
67,503 killed
5,098 injured
1,870 missing

The Battle for Wloclawek was a major battle of the Prussian Civil War. On the morning of May 9, 2011, a large Prussian National Army infantry force quickly surrounded the city and over three days pushed Polish and Slovak forces into the city. The 76,000 Prussian soldiers were able to quickly break the rebels' front lines, but found that breaking the remaining forces became very difficult. However, the highly trained Prussian forces were able to put down the resisters with favorable casualties. Thus, the battle drug out over the course of only three days as rebel forces were able to use the urban terrain to their advantage.

This battle was highly important to the Prussian side of the war as the Polish army in Wloclawek was the last main force of Polish resistance. Following the high casualties by the end of the battle, the remaining resistance forces throughout Poland became disorganized and allowed for further Prussian advancement through the Polish territory.

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