The nation of Bastonge was founded October 14, 2010. The country was founded by Henry J Graham, a pioneer from the western world who did believe in the governments of other countries. Bastonge is a nativist society and believe in the people of the land. Minorities from other countries are rarely granted visas and face extreme scrutiny.

Bastonge GovernmentEdit

Bastonge was a nation found by Henry J Graham. It was merged with the Alliance of Weveria, which ceased to exist Feb 2011. As a result, Bastonge was left vulnerable and perished without her might savior.

Henry J Graham InfoEdit

Henry J Graham joined the alliance of Weveria shortly after it was created. He was appointed Secretary Of War Oct 18, 2010, a position he served faithfully until November 2, 2010. He was promoted that day to 1 half of the high council and has become part leader of the alliance.

In the first week of 2011, the other leader of Weveria tried to merge the alliance into the Conclave. This was done in violation of the Weveria charter. Henry J Graham fought for three days and gained control of Weveria and its forum. If it had not been for the actions of Mr.Graham, Weveria would not exist today.

  • Update August 15, 2012*

Weveria sunk into a depressive state by the winter of 2011 and she collasped February 16, 2011. All members were exiled and the ranks closed. Henry Graham is said to roam somewhere in the wreckage of Might Weveria, faithful till his dying day.

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