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Barrak Husein Obama is now on his 2nd nation, and resides in the Legion as a minor official. His first nation was destroyed in a war to ZI with the Christian Coalition of Countries. He has since re-created a new nation, the Republic of Arachaea

The First Three Alliances[]

The first allaince that I joined was the now gone, Council for Military and Economic Assistance. I spent about 3 months in CMEA, before politics got the best of me, and after a dispute with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, I resigned from CMEA. However, in the short time I was there, I helped make an amendement to the Charter, along with adding a 'Kick Members' procedure. This was my first introduction to CN Politics.

When I left CMEA, I joined the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, where I worked hard for another 3 months. My time there was the most enjoyable during my CN carrear. At IRON I worked in a small but important office, along with being a diplomat, and minor military official. However, I made my greatest blunder, when I left, in the midst of war, to another, far worse alliance, the Christian Coalition of Countries. This later turned into a giant personal fiasco that would lead to my eventual first-time ZI. Ironicly, not by IRON, but by CCC itself.

The Third Alliance I joined was The Christian Coalition of Countries. You know how they say "Third times a charm"...don't buy it. CCC was a terrible fit for me. Organization was at a miniumum, and unity through Relgion was even worse. During the "Maroon Front War" or whatever they are calling it, I managed to NEVER be anarchied by my attackers, despite shouldering 5 wars, 3 of which were twice my NS. This has somehow managed to not appear in CCC's history books. After the war, I was introduced to the ugly reality of CCC politics, which included a lot of arguing, flaming, and "real politiking". When trying to reform the military, and make it more organized, the current Chancellor approached me with a plan to sway the membership to his view by posting a critism of the Minister of Defense, who albeit deserved it. After sending the logs to the Minister of Defense, he turned it into another fiasco where I got the bad end of the stick, depsite trying to circumvent politics and try to bring about the best intrest of the allaince. I decided, that after weeks of one sided, bitter dispute, to just end it. I decided to go rouge on the CCC for convincing me of the power of faith, and then dashing any hopes of reasonable people.