BarbulaM1 (male) is the current Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization (June - July 2007 Term). He joined GATO in March during the Vincent Xander Administration shortly before the break out of Great War III.

The Beginning and the Great War and Rise Edit

After joining GATO just 4 days into playing Cyber Nations BarbulaM1 was accepted into GATO. Knowing little of what was going on in the world, he learned that the IRC Chat room was the place to be. It was during the first few days that he had gotten close to many of the members of the alliance via the IRC chat room. Relativity annoying at first but eager to help the alliance, he became even more active in the IRC when Great War III broke out. Not knowing what was happening, BarbulaM1 simply went ahead and fought in the war, and, shortly before peace was signed, newly-elected Assembly Chairman Kevlar appointed him as the Deputy Assembly Chairman.

The Randle Administration Edit

After peace was signed, many people left the Global Alliance, including Kevlar himself, leaving the 3 Deputies to run the alliance during emergency elections; however, one of the deputies left shortly after and the last two remaining Acting Assembly Chairs were Ms Neoangle and BarbulaM1. The emergency elections where held, and Randle was elected the new post-war Assembly Chairman. He appointed BarbulaM1 to the position of first deputy Assembly Chairman. The Randle Administration was peaceful and ended without any incident.

As the Minister Edit

As Randle announced he would not be running for a second term as the Assembly Chairman, he nominated BarbulaM1 and the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, Jsims8, for the office. BarbulaM1 declined to run citing such little experience in the alliance and that he was still a 'newb'. Instead he ran for Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Jsims8 ran for Assembly Chairman. He ended up winning against Defiant with over 67% of the vote.

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