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Province of Chalion
Flag of Baocia Coat of Arms of Baocia
Provincial Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Baocia
Capital Taryoon
Official language Chalionese
Demonym Boacian
Government Type
- Provinciar
- Legislative
Behar dy Cazaril
Baocian Senate
Provincial Religion Quintarian, Quadrene
Formation April 21st, 2009
Time Zone GMT+1

Baocia is a province in the nation of Chalion. It is the home province of the current Chancellor, Ias dy Cazaril. The current Proviniciar is his younger brother, Behar dy Cazaril. The largest city in Baocia is coastal Valenda, though its capital is the town of Taryoon.

General Information[]

Baocia is one of the most prosperous provinces in Chalion, second only to Palliar. This is mostly because of its impressive and well-developed coastline. The main port of Baocia is Valenda, Chalion's third-largest city. Valenda is home to Chalion's formidable merchant marine, as well as its small (but growing) navy.

The traditional capital of Boacia is the landlocked Taryoon. Though economically dwarfed by the larger Valenda, Taryoon is the site of a major airport, built under the generous fiscal policy of the Cazaril Administration. It is also the home of the Guillyme Cyntro Éspaci, Chalion's first spaceport. Since Ias dy Cazaril himself is a Taryoon native, there is a certain amount of speculation that Taryoon's sudden growth as an air-hub is the result of executive favoritism.


AAC Logo

Logo of the Agencié Aeroéspaci dy Chalion.

The Baocian economy is mainly based on fisheries, the sea-trade, and some coastal tourism. There is a certain amount of industry, mostly in the area around Taryoon, as well as mining in the north-western section of the province. Much of Chalion's trade flows through Valenda. Baocia's main exports are salt and seafood. There is very little agriculture in Baocia, and much of its food supply is imported from Guarida and other inland provinces. The coastal city of Arpa boasts Chalion's largest shipyard, and is where most of the nation's naval and merchant vessels are built.

Tourism is not nearly as big of an industry in Baocia as in Yarrin, as much of the coast is rugged cliff rather than beach. Most sea-level areas of the coast are taken up by harbors and fishing towns. However, Valenda is one of Chalion's major cultural centers, and attracts many visitors to its traditional bazaars and open-air markets.


The population of Baocia is predominately ethnic Chalionese, but it has a larger minority population than most other provinces. The Baocian nobility is not particularly powerful, and the Divine Providence party has mostly lost its grip on the region due to the efforts of Chancellor dy Cazaril.