Band of Brothers

Unoffical flag

Un-Off War Flag
BoB Motto:
Off: "Taking over the Gulfs since 1982"
Team Color White team White
Founded 23rd of May 2008
  • Leader the Peoples Republic of Charlie
  • Leader Moboslovia
  • Assistant Blackabyss
  • Assistant Angry german land

AllianceStats Statistics as of June 11, 2008

Total Nations 6
Strength 1,040
Avg. Strength 173
Nukes 0
Score 0.07
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The Band of Brothers (Bob) is a small-sized white alliance with an communist theme. It was formed by the Peoples Republic of Charlie and Moboslovia. Bob is devoted to Populate the Mediterranean sea. We also do not want to see any fights inside the group, we then will make you pay for any damages.


The Band of Brothers(Bob) was formed as the result of a mass migration to the sea after Soviet Russia took over areas near Germany. Angry German Land and Backabyss Decided to Break off and form their own countrys. With these new people they joined up with other nations like TPROC, Mengoland, and Moboslovia. By then Moboslovia was already planning a alliance but needed more nations so they made the order to ship most of the immigrants of the soviet nations to The Shores of The Coastal nations. Since then the alliance have been working up and will soon develop the technology to declare war on the nere by soviet colonies. Due to a Misunderstanding a unnamed alliance member working in the gulf of Mexico accidentally attacked one of the island nations; thus making the Treaty of Tostitos.


Defeat all small nations along our coasts and take over the gulfs of the mediterranean and Mexico.


First Treaty of TostitosEdit

After a misunderstanding of leadership; Colonys in Florida Fired at Allies in the Mediterranean after a trade
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