MAD vs. Troyland
Conflict: Ban War
Date: November 28 - December 4, 2007
Result: MAD victory

Mutually Assured Defense


The Ban War was a punitive campaign undertaken by a small coalition of MAD members in response to Troyland's unprovoked invasion of Verstaten, a MAD Alliance member nation.

While the war was relatively uneventful, it is important as it was the first instance of serious armed conflict in which Verstaten, Nowheristan and Anthi - CL took part.

The WarEdit

On November 28, 2007 troops from the nation of Troyland invaded Verstaten borders, with several small skirmishes erupting across a wide front. In the opening hours of the conflict, Troyland troops looted upwards of a hundred thousand marks worth of material from Verstaten.


A Nowheristan Cruise Missile is launched at Troyland

Extensive diplomatic talks with the supposed New Pacific Order nation uncovered the fact that Troyland was in fact a rogue nation, and was acting without NPO permission.

Verstaten requested military aid from its MAD neighbours, and both Anthi - CL and Nowheristan pledged their full military support for a retaliatory campaign.

Retaliatory strikes from Nowheristan and Anthi - CL began on December 1, and soon the nation of Troyland was put into anarchy, with several of its army units completely destroyed by the ensuing assaults. Most notably, the opening stages of the war destroyed Troyland's tank companies, preventing any effective defense on the Troyland military's part.

Destroyed Tank

A Troyland tank lies destroyed by its nation's principal highway

After several radio broadcasts filled with profanity and threats were aimed by the Troyland government at MAD nations, all communications suddenly ceased. The allied MAD forces seized control of the Troyland Capital from resistance fighters on December 3, ending the conflict.

In effect, Troyland as a nation was completely destroyed, and its entire cabinet executed by firing squad for various war crimes. The different territories that comprised Troyland were parceled off between the victorious nations, and its people were sold into slavery.

The 2nd Brightonian Infantry Regiment performed with especial distinction in the conflict, providing close support to many MAD detachments.


  • Anthi - CL combat losses were recorded as 1,100 troops.
  • Nowheristan combat losses have been listed at 1,369 troops.
  • Verstaten military losses in the war numbered 1,960 troops.
  • Troyland military losses are estimated at around 4000, but an accurate estimate is impossible, as all records were destroyed during the invasion.

Civilian casualties are unknown.

Out of CharacterEdit

Once Troy1 of Troyland realised he was losing the conflict, he began to insult his opponents, and was reported to the administration staff and banned.

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