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Personally, I'm in favor of life, the universe, and half of the stuff in it...

Inception to CN Edit

Breidablik was established on Saturday, February 16, 2008.

New Pacific Order Edit

CN is a scary place for a new nation, figuring he would need allies, Baldr quickly searched for an alliance. Google was Baldr's friend early in his CN career, some quick research proved The New Pacific Order was the largest alliance on the Red Sphere and quickly enticed Baldr to join. Baldr joined the New Pacific Order on Saturday, February 16, 2008. Under the tutelage of comrades Loucifer and Cortath, Baldr quickly found his way into the Tech Corps, and it's many opportunities.

I've enjoyed my time here, and plan to be around awhile...

Life after NPO Edit

Baldr publicly resigned from the New Pacific Order. On 10/26/2009, Baldr created his own alliance 'Just Hanging'.

Professions Past & Present Edit

Tech Corps makes the NPO stronger...

Future Endeavors Edit

Sorry, this information is classified... Smile
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