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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of September 2012.
Bal Masqué
BM Official Flag

BM Official Flag
BM Motto: Pasaremos! No pasarán!
Team Color Black team.gif Black
Founder(s) Paraguas, SOS Brigade
Founded 4/17/2012
  • Lord Commander/Snake of the Festival: Roquentin
  • The Strategist: xoindotnler
  • Regent: Jonathan Brookbank
  • The Master Throne: WANA
  • The Shoguns: Yukine
  • The Herald: MrMuz
  • The Jaeger: Vacant
  • Crimson Lord: Tromp
International relations




link= alliance Statistics as of August 11, 2012

Total Nations 28
30-day net loss
Avg. Strength 14,960
Nukes 87
Aid Efficiency 70 / 145 (48.28%)
Rank 106
Score 2.11
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Bal Masqué is a small black team alliance founded on April 17, 2012. It is the result of Paraguas and SOS Brigade merging. On June 5, 2012 Sovrana merged into Bal Masqué [1]

Protected by Oceania as of 9/11/2012 ( - 9/25/2012)

Declaration of the Grand Order[]

I. Lord Commander/Snake of the Festival[]

The Lord Commander is the supreme leader of the alliance and oversees all the operations of the alliance. He serves for life or until resignation, and may appoint a successor. All other positions are appointed by the Lord Commander.

II. The Strategist[]

The Strategist serves as second in Command and assists the Lord Commander and ensures all departments are going smoothly.

III. The Regent[]

Serves as another second-in-command, primarily assisting in Foreign Affairs and wherever else assistance is required.

IV. The Master Throne[]

The Master Throne is in charge of the Foreign Affairs of Bal Masque. He/she organizes the diplomatic activities.

V. The Shogun(s)[]

The Shogun oversees the military and economic affairs of Bal Masque. The role may be split into two.

VI. The Herald[]

The Herald is in charge of the cultural affairs and propaganda of Bal Masque.

VII. The Jaeger[]

The Jaeger’s role is to manage the recruitment of new Wanderers to Bal Masque.

VIII. Admissions Procedure[]

Members may apply to join by following the procedure listed on Bal Masque’s forums and contacting a government by any means of real time communication.

War history[]

War Opponents Outcome
Dave War Non Grata Defeat

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