Bacon Greece was a Protectorate agreement between BACoN and Sparta.

Bacon GreeceEdit

Text of AgreementEdit


In recognition of friendship towards one another and in the hopes of cooperative and peaceful growth, BACoN and Sparta enter into the following protectorate treaty and agree to its terms.

Make BACoN, Not WarEdit

Neither signatory alliance shall initiate acts of aggression against the other signatory of this treaty. This includes, but is not limited to, acts such as: Tech Raiding, Wars of Aggression, Spying, or Flaming/Trolling by one signatory toward the other.

Get Yo' Hands off Mah BACoN!Edit

Should BACON come under attack by a hostile force Sparta is obligated to come to the defense and aid of the a fore mentioned alliance. BACoN is also encouraged, but not required, to offer the same in return should Sparta come under attack from a hostile force. Sparta is not required to defend or support BACoN if it can be proven that aggression was initiated toward another alliance or nation by BACoN.

I'll grease your pan if you Greece mineEdit

Both signatory alliances agree to share any information they learn that conveys a possible threat toward the other signatory, and will respect the wishes of the other should one party express the desire to keep such intelligence confidential.

Health Inspector!Edit

Sparta will send an adviser to BACoN to provide guidance in the military, economic, trade, and foreign affairs areas.

Dont mess with our recipe, mmk?Edit

Sparta will in no way interfere in BACoN’s internal affairs, however BACoN can still request Sparta use its larger diplomatic corps to assist in matters pertaining to Foreign Affairs.

Oops, we're outa BACoNEdit

Should either party wish to cancel this agreement for any reason, they must notify the other signatory through diplomatic channels. The treaty is binding for an additional 72 hours from the time of the notification of cancellation.

Signed for BACoN

Signed for Sparta


Elders of Philoxenia

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