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Official Flag of Yuslavenia

National Flag
Established 3/16/2009
(4,373 days old)
Alliance New Pacific Order
New Pacific Order
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Nation Team Team: Red Red


The nation of Yuslavenia was founded by Babyslate08 on 16 March 2009, after being introduced to the Cyberverse by his friend Afslav. Afslav walked Babyslate08 through creating his nation, posting his application to the New Pacific Order and helped him enter the Academy.

New Pacific Order

After passing the Academy, babyslate became a full member of the NPO. From this point his career in the Order flourished, as he took up many different jobs. He joined the Recruitment Corp as a Recruiter, and proved himself successful and able at the job. He was recognized for his work ethic and promoted to the honorary rank of "Enlister". His success did not stop there, for he was promoted once more to the rank of Talent Agent, assisting his superior Head Hunter Comrade Ash through the training of new recruiters, devising new recruitment messages and as well as generally helping out where ever required. He joined the Tech Corps to as a procurer, buying and sending tech to larger nations. When a position opened up as a dispatcher, helping organise the tech deals for Pacifica by matching up buyers and procurers. Around mid-September he was invited to join the Academy at the rank of "Instructor". As an Instructor, he questions potential applicants as well as grade exams, and assists any Cadets with their questions. Soon after he joined up with the Mentor Corp, and was assigned to Beta Battalion to help out the newer members there. His excellent work in Beta was acknowledged when he was promoted to the rank of "Beta Lead Mentor", he currently oversees all Beta Mentors and Mentees, making sure that the Mentors are helping out where they are required to. His good work in all these departments was watched by the Intel department, who soon enough asked him to join their ranks as a Field Agent, where he continues to work to this day.

Of all these jobs, he finds the work done in Recruitment and Intelligence to be the most fun, as there are many active members who he can interactive with, and specifically RC has the feeling of bringing new recruits the gates of Pacifica, and in MI there is always much competition for tasks.

There have been two really influential people in the Order for Babyslate, the first of course being afslav, without whom he would never have joined the Order. The second is friend and fellow RC co-worker Jordanhazy. They were both made Talent Agents at roughly the same time, and both joined the Mentor Corp near the same time period as well.

His goals for the future are simple, he intends to remain in Pacifica and continue to work for its betterment. Eventually, he hopes to progress further through the ranks, as well as hopefully join the Praetorian Guard and Military Command eventually.


War History

Babyslate08's NPO War Ribbon Bar

FAN2.png · Jarheadswarribbon.png · Armageddon.png


Award Name Description Date Awarded
Superior Recruiter Award For excellent work in the New Nations Division 3 May 2009
Superior Recruiter Award For excellent work in the List Division 23 September 2009
Intel watch.png
Watchtower Weekly Award Award from work in Military Intelligence 22 December 2009
Intel Alli.png
Military Intel Alliance List Weekly Award Award from work in Military Intelligence 22 December 2009


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