This alliance has disbanded as of June 2006.

bLUE, or Blue LUE, was a blue team alliance created by the LUEnited Nations after the outbreak of the Second Polar War. It was created in response to the announcement of the New Polar Order by the New Pacific Order. bLUE was created to allow current and former members of the National Alliance of Arctic Countries "to receive security and safety, while regaining structure, organisation and forming a new government."

Joining RequirementsEdit

  • Sign the surrendering oath with the NPO. It’s not restrictive in the least, unless you plan on attacking the NPO in the near future. Only applies to NAAC members still involved in the NPO-NAAC war.
  • Do NOT declare war on another member of LUE, Foreign LUEgion, bLUE or ODN.
  • Do NOT declare war on any other alliance member, unless told to by the leadership.
  • Declaring war on unallied nations is shaky territory. If you declare war for no reason, don't expect us to always back you up.
  • Do help a brotha out, whether it is via foreign aid or declaring war on one of our common enemies.
  • Once accepted, place "Blue LUE " in your nation's bio. This is simply to ensure the security and safety of your nation. Being involved and recognised in a major alliance generally stops most rogue attacks and random wars.
  • Make sure to move your nation to the Blue Team, if it is not already there.

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