Date January 7, 2008 – March 6, 2008
Casus belli BAPS protects rogue nation
Result BAPS surrenders
Preceded by
FAN-1V War
Succeeded by
German-Prussian War
Boards Alliance of Protectorate States

Flag of BAPS

Huskyconceptgc5 Elysium

Valhalla Valhalla
Flag of Sparta Sparta
MLFLAG Molon Labe
Ggaflag8 GGA

Overlord's Protectorate Pact

Flag of 64Digits 64Digits
PurgeFlag Purge
Finalgranflag GRAN
Flag4 Veritas Aequitas

Gatoflag2 GATO

Nations: 168
Nukes: 210
Total NS: 1,988,174
Nations: 1,060
Nukes: 1356
Total NS: 13,406,789
This article refers to a 2008 war, for the 2007 incident involving GOONS and GGA see BAPS Affair (disambiguation).

The BAPS War was a war in the spring of 2008 between Boards Alliance of Protectorate States and Elysium, Valhalla, Sparta, Molon Labe, GGA, NATO and TPF as well as their Protectorate bloc, the Overlord's Protectorate Pact. It ended when BAPS surrendered to the coalition on March 6, 2008.

For a list of individuals who fought in the BAPS War see: Category:BAPS War veteran.


A very small element within BAPS, including their (at the time) Minister of Foreign Affairs and two others, engineered a complicated series of operations against other alliances, most notably Elysium, Grey Council, and ACDC. When the schemes were discovered, Elysium declared war, backed by their protector Valhalla and several of Valhalla's other allies. Other targets ACDC and Grey Council agreed not to declare war.

Rogue schemesEdit

ACDC member and Black team senator Bobery left ACDC to join BAPS. Shortly after joining BAPS, Bobery returned to ACDC with stolen intelligence (a game-play guide). This lead to an incident in which ACDC agreed to expel Bobery (who was sentenced to ZI by BAPS) and to pay BAPS $83 million and 750 tech in reparations. Bobery soon was attacked by Mhawk from Elysium in an effort to reduce the nation from being eligible to continue holding a seat in Black Senate. The seemingly doomed country with team senate powers, Bobery threatened to sanction Elysium. At that time, BAPS Minister of Foreign Affairs Tumin told Elysium to back off from attacks and allow BAPS to handle Bobery on its own. Elysium refused, and Bobery soon imposed senate sanctions on three of its nations in addition to firing a nuclear weapon at Mhawk.

It was soon revealed via IRC log, however, that Bobery and Tumin were friends, and that Tumin was advising Bobery regarding nations on what he should do. In one instance, Tumin imposed a sanction himself. When it was revealed that Tumin and Bobery were together, Elysium declared war and ACDC cancelled reparations.

While this was going on, The unaligned Ducky ghosted as an ACDC nation (having previously ghosted as BAPS) and attacked the two largest countries in Grey Council. It was soon discovered that Ducky was receiving target instructions from himself, and thus part of their rogue element within BAPS.

Aid to GOONSEdit

On January 12, 2008 a few aid packages were sent from BAPS nations to GOONS nations, technically still at war with many different alliances from the GOONland Resistance Movement, accumulating to a total of $15,200,000, this move was not officially sanctioned by the BAPS government. Two days later on January 14, 2008, after BAPS was sentenced to permi-ZI and given no hope of surrender, a large aid effort happened where BAPS sent out a large amount of tech and some money to GOONS accumulating to 2,800 tech and $45,500,000.


On January 16 GATO announced that transgressions against them were significant enough for GATO to enter the war, but with so many alliances already engaged such a declaration would be largely pointless, as open war slots were few and far between. Instead of an outright declaration, GATO offered to provide espionage services in support of the war effort, including targeted attacks on the nuclear arsenals of BAPS nations. According to GATO Minister of Domestic Affairs magicninja

We know asking for reps is moot and trying to find an open war slot
would only lead to frustration. So, we offer the use of our spies to Elysium,
GGA, and their Continuum allies. If we can save you some money, and take a few
of their nukes out, and let you do more damage we will. If there is a particular
target you would like us to take care of, you know where to find us.

It is believed that this was the first time an alliance used such a strategy in place of open declaration, however ineffective target choice, and foolish spy actions actually deprive those at war with BAPS of a genuine chance to destroy Nukes. Spy slots are wasted by those ill-equipped to attempt to destroy BAPS nukes. A diplomatic war of words breaks out on the CN OWF as this post typifies [1].

Negotiation of termsEdit

Session Start: Sun Jan 13 17:36:48 2008
Session Ident: #shtf
[17:36] * Now talking in #shtf
[17:40] * moshea[BAPS] has joined #shtf
[17:40] <noWedge> so
[17:40] <noWedge> here's the game we are going to play
[17:40] <noWedge> you are going to make an offer in terms of reparations
[17:40] <noWedge> if they are insulting
[17:40] <noWedge> you'll get kicked from the channel
[17:41] <noWedge> then you can come back and make a better offer
[17:41] <Inqui[BAPS]> Sounds like a game my daughter would play, are we not adults here?
[17:41] * You were kicked by noWedge (noWedge)
Session Close: Sun Jan 13 17:41:35 2008


On March 6, 2008 Valhalla, Molon Labe, and GGA announce peace with BAPS; BAPS acknowledges defeat and peace with all warring parties.

References and timelineEdit

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