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This alliance merged to become part of the Phoenix Federation.

Merger occurred on/around October 4, 2007

BANG was and is forever a place in all the EX BANGers Hearts, it was a place of fun and an actual family, every member was known to each other not just IRL but the time bonded in our extensive conversations, and debates, and fun spam games. We stood for all our allies, and our members. BANG was an Aqua Alliance created by, Katpawz, MtPollux, & JimmySprinkles.

Those who are left and surviving these long past months are mainly still part of TPF after the BANG TPF Merge. A few reside outside of TPF; Wolf Lady, Lady Ryche, & Queen Aurore, are all members of Wolfpack now, MtPollux is a member of The Centurion Brotherhood, and KingKaimen a member of Rapture, Aka Ninjacore is unalligned, and CombatMonkey a member of TTK. These are the only known BANGers outside of TPF.

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