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This alliance has disbanded as of December 1, 2008.

BAM! Official Flag
Team Color White team White
Founder(s) dwthegreat
Leader(s) Helios
White Senate toto

AllianceStats Statistics as of 08/06/2008

Total Nations 11
Strength 13,494
Avg. Strength 1,227
Score 0.16
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Charter of the BAM! Edit


BAM! is an alliance on the white sphere.Those who have the AA BAM! listed are expected to have fun and respect all alliance members and other alliances.

Article I. MembershipEdit

Section I. In order to obtain membership,new recruits must fill out an application. If a nation is elegible he/she will be masked and accepted.

Section II. Financial Support of Membership (A) Financial Support (1) Members who receive financial aid from an official “bank” of must continue membership with the alliance for a minimum 31 days before leaving the alliance, OR pay back aided amount in full within a 31 day period.

Credit JonathanHXC for Section II

Article II. GovermentEdit

Monarch-A single ruler and head of BAM! and serves a life long term Powers-1.Appoints Prime Minister and Ministerial Positions 2.May Expel a member 3.May Place Nations on the ZI or Perma-ZI list 4.Must Accept All amends and Treatys before they can be accepted Removal-1.Monarch is monarch for life and can only be remove by resignation or impeacment.To be Impeached a vote will be taken where the Prime Minister and all ministers must agree.

Prime Minister-The right hand man of the Monarch and the second most powerful man in BAM! Powers-1.Help Monarch Appoint Ministerial Positions 2.Helps Keep Contact between Ministers and the Monarch 3.May Suggest to Place Nations on the ZI list

Minister of Foreign Affairs-Helps Keep Good Relations between BAM! and all other alliances. Powers-1May Suggest Treatys to The Monarch and Prime Minister 2. Works on the Foreign Policy with the Monarch and Prime Minister 3.Runs all diplomatic Powers in the alliance

Minister of Internal Affairs-Is in charge of all acceptance into our alliance. Powers-1.May Mask all new incoming members 2.With the Help of the Monarch and Prime Minister appoints The Minister of Trade, The Minister of Finance, The Minister of Recruitment.

Minister of War-In Charge of All Military aspects of BAM! Powers-1.May ask the Monarch to ZI a nation 2.Helps Members Defend themselves

Article III. Tech RaidingEdit

No Tech Raiding allowed

Article IV. Founding NationEdit

Any Nation that is in the alliance within the first 30 days may call themselves a founding nation.

Conflicts Edit

BLEU-Continuum War BAM! vs.Shattered Star Exiles Victory
BAM! War BAM! vs TORN Defeat, dwthegreat steps down as Monarch
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