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New Judeatian Order
National Flag

National Flag
Fuck mottos.
Capital City Azrael
Established 8/15/2007
(6,189 days old)
Nation Team Team: Red Red


Azrael joined Cybernations near the beginnings of the Cyberverse, emigrating from Nationstates. In Nationstates he was a part of Gatesville. Gatesville was closed aligned with the New Pacific Order, so when the Cybernations Order was formed and Azrael joined, he joined the New Pacific Order. In June 2006, Azrael officially became a member of the Order. Shortly after that, Great War I broke out, and the New Pacific Order stood alone against the world.

Azrael has participated in virtually every war the New Pacific Order has been involved in, with a few rare exceptions. He is a seasoned veteran of countless battles. In the War of Retribution, Azrael was occupied with six wars for two straight weeks, yet he avoided anarchy and fought valiantly against his opponents. The War of Retribution also provided Azrael with his most memorable moment with the New Pacific Order. When the war ended, he described his feelings as follows,

Finally getting back at them for what they did was a great feeling, and it was the first time that we were undisputably on top.

Many people have had an influence on Azrael, from his earliest Comrades within the Order, to the Pacificans he interacts with today. In his early, formative years Ivan Moldavi, Mussolandia and Dilber were some of the greatest influences on Azrael. In the later years, Mary the Fantabulous, Comrade Ash, and Brennan shaped and refined his thinking. His many years in the Order have given him a unique perspective on the history and evolution of not only the New Pacific Order, but Cybernations itself.

Over his years in Cybernations, Azrael has had two nations deleted. For the first deletion, he had a RL vacation to go to and his nation sitter left the Cyberverse, leaving Azrael without a nation. Undeterred, he recreated his nation, only to delete the new nation himself after being abandoned by his trade partners. One reroll later, and his current nation incarnate was created.

Mentor Corps[]

Azrael joined the Mentor Corps in July 2009. His hard work and dedication assisting the many new members within the Order led to a rapid promotion, to the position of Delta Battalion Lead Mentor. As the Lead Mentor for the Delta Battalion he was responsible for managing the Mentor Team servicing Delta Battalion as well as his individual mentees. Azrael described the Mentor Corps as his favorite job, stating that he enjoyed assisting his Comrades and doing whatever he could to help them find their way. In October 2009, Azrael resigned from his position as Lead Mentor due to a shortage of available time. His honorable service within the Mentor Corps was a great help in the guidance of the new members of the New Pacific Order.

Azrael was an extremely dedicated worker who proved himself early on and due to that was promoted to Lead Mentor.

- Comrade Ash

Jobs and Duties[]