This is the National Flag of the empire

Imperial Coat Of Arms

The Imperial Coat Of Arms

Geography Edit

The stretches over an area of 122,257 mile diameter, which at least 5% are covered by water. There are 58 lakes and the biggest is located 100 km from the capital. The name of the biggest lake is Bolshoe Ozero in the primary language, secondary language Suuri Järvi(in English Big Lake). The land is mostly covered by forests but also open plains.

Cities[[File:The capital is Azhgar City which is located in the centre part of the land, population is at the moment 5 million. The next big city lies by the Big Lake and is called Bolshoi Gorod or Suuri Kaupunki, here lives 2,5 millions. The third lies in the most western point and has 1 million inhabitants.

Demography Edit

Population 52 800 000

Languages and ethnic groups Edit

There 2 big languages in the empire but only one official and if this was not enough there also 5 minority languages. The official language is Russian and everyone in the empire is expected to be able to speak Russian fluent. The other big language is Finnish and the most Finnish speaking lives by the Suuri Järvi or in the Suuri Kaupunki. But there are also several small cities and towns around that lake too were they live. The biggest minority language is Swedish and the Swedish speakers is concentrated to the western borders. The other languages are not so important.

Military and Police and other armed uniformed people Edit

Army The army consists currently three branches Infantry, Tank, and The Imperial Guard The infantry part is called : Tsarskaya Pekhotskaya Armiya. And in the infantry has 157 000 men in duty. The tank part is called: Tsarskaya Tanskskaya Armiya and they has 1600 tanks in duty, and 112 000 men in the tanks. The Imperial Guard is an independent unit in the army and is ordered to protect the emperor and the rest of the royal family and court.

Police If the army protects the empire from foreign attackers, then the police protects the empire from attacks from within the empire. Therefore is the police military organized in Azghar Empire. The commander of the police corps is educated at the military academy and has the rank field marshal.

Government and domestic policys Edit


The Imperial Palace in the capital

Form of government The Azhgar Empire is a imperial monarchy, and no political parties are allowed. However, the emperor has ministers who obeys direct order from the emperor, but they know their stuff better.

Minister Listing Head Of State

      Xevious I

Head Of Government

      Xevious I

Finance Minister

  Mikko Akkinnen

Foreign Minister

  Vladimir Volkhov 

Minister of interior

  Ilkka Lapanen

Defense Minister

  Vladimir Armiyanov

Subdivisions of Azhgar Empire The Azhgar Empire is divided into 5 subdivisions: Capital Region(Stolitsa Oblast), Bolshoe Ozero Oblast, Pohjanmaa, Yuzhnaya Oblast, Zapadnaya Oblast(Vestrlandet).


For the glory of the empire

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