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Ayrrie joined the Legion in September 2006, a few weeks after founding her nation in the north of Sri Lanka. She remained largely inactive in alliance affairs until December 2006, when Legion entered peace mode over Christmas during the build-up to Great War 2. She remained active in the alliance, though uninvolved in any positions, until after Great War 3. Shortly after, she took her first position in the Communications department, and everything snowballed from there. She climbed through positions and ranks until she finally became Home Minister of the Legion in October 2007. The full list of positions she held is listed below:
Legion Letter writer
Spam Corps Director and member
Training Cadre
Aid Shopkeeper
Ambassador to CIS, NpO, Molon Labe, EotRS, GGA, FAN, and MHA
Deputy Centurion
Centurion in military intel
Speaker of the League of Nations
Home Minister

During her Cabinet term, Legion saw conflict with Valhalla, which finally culminated in what is now known as Purplegate. During the disbandment crisis, Ayrrie remained with her alliance long enough to help stabilize it and to appoint a new government, along with her fellow Cabinet members Lincongrad and vidra99. She left the Legion and joined Valhalla shortly afterwards. She remained with Valhalla for a time, then left to form Elysium with mhawk, Beernuts, and Yeman. In Elysium, Ayrrie held the position of Praetor Urbanus (MoIA) from the time of founding to when Elysium merged into TPF (a total of 10 months). She retained the position of Phoenix Magistrate within TPF for several months before finally retiring from government in May 2009.

After leaving TPF, Ayrrie joined Zero Hour, where she was a Council member. She helped start the WWE (which could have been a global war, but wasn't), according to some scholars.

Current status: Retired. Do not bother with serious CN business. It won't get anything done.

A side note: Beernuts rocks Ayrrie's socks.

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