Cyber Nations Wiki

United Bue Directorate Medal of Military Excellance[]

Awarded to those members of the United Blue Directorate who consistently have more then 50,000 soliders,100 airplanes,10 navy vessels.

United Blue Directorate Medal of Nuclear Excellance[]

Awarded to those who sustain more than 10 Nuclear Devices.

United Blue Directorate Medal for Distinguished Diplomatic Service[]

  • 1) Awarded to foreign diplomats who gain true friendship with the United Blue Directorate.
  • 2) A foreign alliance may recommend to the Directorate that an official UBD Diplomat be awarded this for extraordinary contribution or friendship to another alliance.

United Blue Directorate Medal of Banking[]

Awarded to those who contribute more then $50,000,000 to the Directorate Bank.

United Blue Directorate Medal of Loyalty[]

Awarded to those who have taken a public oath of loyalty to the Directorate on UBD forums.

United Blue Directorate Medal of Membership[]

Awarded to those who been a member for over 6 months.

Order of Lyons[]

Given to those who fought alongside Lyons during the UBD civil war.

United Blue Directorate BLEU-Continuum War[]

Awarded to those who served in the BLEU-Continuum Conflict

United Blue Directorate Eight Minute War[]

Awarded to those who served in the Eight Minute War

Pegasus Medal[]

Awarded to those who take part in Task Force Pegasus.

United Blue Directorate Second Unjust War[]

Awarded to those who served in the Second Unjust War

Blue Cross[]

A "Medal of Honor" of sorts, can only be awarded by the Directors after all three of them have agreed upon a recipient. Possible scenarios for its awarding to a member include but are not limited too: Exemplary service during a war (Excessively aiding other members, Anarchying 3 people at once), exemplary service during diplomatic negotiations (getting surrender terms for the Directorate that are deemed fair by a majority of members, stopping a war from starting, etc.)

The Blue Cross is the Most Prestigious award given by the Directorate, and foreign guests may be recipients.