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Established 2/28/2010
(3,464 days old)
Ruler Auto
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Since 10/28/2012 (2,491 days)
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Native Resources Uranium Water

Autosave36 or Auto for short, is the current Emperor of Sengoku and former Chieftain (leader) of Ordinary Men Fighting Giants (OMFG). He is not to be confused with Auto98 from TPF.

Alliance history Edit

Commonwealth Edit

Auto first joined CN in October 2007 and his first alliance was the Commonwealth (TCW). It was in TCW that he was first shown the ways of the world. "I annoyed everyone in the alliance chat box" on their forums he says, commenting on his early history.

Positions in TCW

  • member


Auto then ghosted United Blue Directorate for a few days until he was recruited to join Ordinary Men Fighting Giants (OMFG) in January 2008. He was fairly inactive in OMFG and eventually he deleted his nation in April 2008 out of boredom.

Positions in OMFG

  • Brave

Return to OMFG Edit

Auto recreated his nation in December 2009 and was recruited by Kamadeyaha "back home" as Auto puts it, to OMFG. He fought in the Bipolar War against XXXX. Following the war he rerolled his nation for better resources. In June 2010 he was promoted to Brave for having strong activity. He fought a rogue nation and after that he was part of an internal OMFG program to quickly get him to 5k Infra. In late 2010 Auto was named Kamadeyaha's replacement as Pochecatl tribune. He served in that capacity until November 2011 when he resigned due to RL. In July 2011 Auto helped with the formation of the PF bloc that OMFG was a founding signatory of. In December 2011 OMFG went to war along their allies in The Imperial Order against Sparta in the Grudge War. Sparta eventually surrendered in January 2012. Post war Auto served under Calderone (or Calzone) in the Tech Corps. Calzone resigned as Chieftain in March 2012 and Auto was appointed Chieftain. As Chieftain he improved relations with their ODoAP ally, TIO and the treaty was upgraded to an MDoAP shortly after Auto became Chieftain. He was also mired in controversy though for letting FS108 back into OMFG for a mere 50 tech.

Positions in OMFG

  • Chieftain
  • Tohunga
  • Tribune
  • Pochecatl
  • Brave
  • Spirit Walker


Auto was one of the founding members of the Sengoku alliance in October 2012 along with his friends Rogal Dorn and President S O. He is currently the Emperor of Sengoku.

Auto's purple trade circleEdit

Auto's bill-paying/War/collection/infra-buying trade circle breakdown
TC Member and Nation Link bill pay resources War resources Collections TC and Nation Link collection resources Infra buying TC and Nation Links Infra buying resources
War flag of Sengoku Autosave36 Uranium Uranium War flag of Sengoku Autosave36 Uranium War flag of Sengoku Autosave36 Uranium
Water Coal Water Water
War flag of Sengoku gingervites Marble Marble Anarchyinc Pansy Coal War flag of Sengoku gingervites Marble
Aluminum Aluminum Gold Aluminum
War flag of Sengoku James Maximus Iron Iron Anarchyinc Cao Pai or
Anarchyinc Jraenar
Wine War flag of Sengoku James Maximus Iron
Lumber Lumber Furs Lumber
War flag of Sengoku zombienation Spices Oil Anarchyinc Rontastic or
Anarchyinc Grendel or
Anarchyinc Spankthefrank
Silver Anarchyinc NE (Euro time)
Anarchyinc DJ (U.S. time)
Sugar Lead Gems Oil
War flag of Sengoku dcrews Fish Fish War flag of Sengoku dcrews Fish Anarchyinc Pansy Coal
Pigs Pigs Pigs Gold
War flag of Sengoku drege Cattle Cattle War flag of Sengoku drege Cattle War flag of Sengoku drege Cattle
Wheat Wheat Wheat Wheat
Bonus Resources Beer Steel Bonus Resources Fastfood Bonus Resources Asphalt
Fastfood Scholar Affluent Automobile
Construction Construction Jewelry Construction

War history Edit

Auto has fought in 2 global wars

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