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The Autarch of the Skyian Provinces is responsible for finalizing all governmental decisions. Throughout time, the Autarch has been a matriarchy and looks to forever remain that way. The Autarch has always been female and her husband has little government say, though it is better than Skyia's early days in which men were treated as second-class citizens instead of as equals. Men can now hold governmental positions and are encouraged to.

The current Autarch of the Skyian Provines is Inia Maria Isabella Talerid, daughter of Sophia Josefina Carlota Talerid. Inia is the sixth Autarch of the Talerid dynasty. The preceding dynasties have been the Castilla Dynasty, Mancha Dynasty and Cortel Dynasty.

The eldest daughter inherets the Autarchy when the current Autarch is deemed too old by the Upper House to rule. This happened on Inia Talerid's 18th birthday when her mother became the Queen-Mother and Inia rose, after years of extensive schooling in government and linguistics, to the throne.

Inia speaks the three standard languges as set by Skyian law: English, Spanish and Riquisiean. She also speaks French, Italian and German. She has a strong relationship with her neighbors and enjoys keeping open relationships with countries who are warm, accepting and treat their people well.

The Autarch is a well-known enemy of the Orange Defense Network, despite the Queen-Mother having selected that alliance to originally build in. In fact, it was this very decision that resulted in the Upper House calling for the vote of no confidence and bringing Inia to the throne, who after a few weeks in the ODN, resigned that position with vigor, claiming that she wanted no more bloodshed for the nation of Pope Hope's pride as her main reason. Later, she eventually joined the ranks of the New Pacific Order with pride and valor.

The best known individual enemy of the Autarchy is Emperor Portugal of the Portugese Empire, in close proximity to the Skyian Provinces. Not only is he a member of the Orange Defense Network, but the Autarch resents all forms of xenophobia that are exercised in such rights as to harm those who are different from the socially defined norm.

The Autarch is engaged to marry Horatio Monash of the long lost Emerchia Province, which long ago split from the Autarchy during its discrimanatory days against men. It is known that Emerchia is Skyian for "anarchy", however this does not mean the Province is without order. The Skyian Provinces have taken the province into its government and made it a soverign colony of the now Imperial Provinces. The people of Skyia are estatic since Inia is the first to make their nation into an imperial state.

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