Flag seen in the announcement thread by Schattenmann of Vox Populi

The Aurum Entente (AuE) was a project considered by the Viridian Entente sometime in 2008. The project was revealed to the public by Vox Populi spies on October 24, 2008. It would have been a yellow team colony created by the Virdian Entente. The name "Aurum Entente" was coined by a Viridian Entente Minister of Awesome, Smooth.

VE response to the announcementEdit

The day after its founding, VE reported the Aurum Entente's declaration of existence as a joke thread in order to end discussion of the matter. The moderator HK47 took the extraordinary measure of removing the topic rather than simply locking it per standard procedure. Before the topic was moved to moderator-only archives, VE and their ally GOD made the following statements:

VE Regent here. This isn't happening, it's not true, and it won't be happening.


The idea was canned many weeks ago. While Cornelius is busy at present time (OOC: out with friends), I've managed to receive communications from Cornelius stating that the idea was indeed canned and that any insinuation that VE was planning such a move recently is false and slanderous in nature.

—Big_Z of the Global Order of Darkness

This Aurum Entente is neither supported nor protected by the Viridian Entente. I will not deny that the idea for this existed, as Starfox's post indicates, but had he bothered to show the date you would all know that this idea is several months old. Ardus wrote out a set of clear goals to reach before we ever considered the idea (since the AuE itself was a long-term goal) that we still haven't reached. In the interval of time since then we've had several changes in government (especially with Ardus leaving) and general opinion soured on the idea. While, yes, nowhere in the thread is it actually posted that the idea was "dead" I can confirm that in fact it was, if not by the general opinion made clear in the last few pages than my consensus among the government. Simple truth is that we still haven't reached the milestones Ardus laid out, and as such the idea never got off the ground. Other than looking through a few flag options nothing else had been done to further it. This alliance was canned, if not by outright statement than by inaction. Also, I've just checked and it appears that there is only one member of the Aurum Entente, and he is sentenced to ZI as soon as we grab one of our new recruits to chop down that measly 51 infrastructure. tl;dr Schattenmann and his associates are not protected by the VE and in fact will be attacked as soon as we find a willing newbie.

—Cornelius, Lord of the Viridian Entente

Freelancer incidentEdit

In the announcement topic Freelancer, a member of INGSOC and admin on their boards, posted an attack, which he claimed to be a running joke between them, against KaitlinK, leader of Monos Archein. She responded saying he had crossed the line with it and it was later said in the topic that Freelancer was kicked from INGSOC, his nation attacked by MA, and that he will post and apology.

MK and INGSOC responseEdit

Before anyone gets in a tizzy. Freelancer has been removed from INGSOC and they will be posting an apology as soon as one of their gov comes online. What happened is a line that shouldn't be crossed by anyone IMO. EDIT: The tizzy comment was directed at the looky lous in this thread and NOT Kaitlin. Just incase there was any confusion.

—Airme of the Mushroom Kingdom, protectors of INGSOG

Thank You for making such decisions on our behalf! Though You did use common sense I believe your AA is different from IngSoc.. I had a fairly short yet substantial conversation with Kaitlin and it was decided that Freelancer will be loosing his pixels and membership of IngSoc and he will post an apology, if he wont I will. That is all from IngSoc, ohh and.. Freelancers slots are property of MA.

—Hyper of INGSOC (in response to AirMe for the first two sentences)

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