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Aurora Free Trade Agreement
The AFTA Document
Type of treaty Economic
Drafted 29 August 2009
Signed 31 August 2009
Effective 31 August 2009
Expiration 30 November 2010
Signatories Disparu, Kitex
Language English

The Aurora Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) was an economic treaty between Disparu and Kitex. AFTA was announced and signed by both nations on 31 August 2009. AFTA was eventually cancelled by the Kitexian Government on 30 November 2010, due to AFTA unintentionally causing several economic problems for both nations.

Text of the Treaty[]

Article I[]

Both Disparu and the Republic of Kitex agree to lend money to one another, this is not mandatory.

Article II[]

Both nations agree to loosen tariffs between them and agree to promote free trade, whenever and wherever possible.

Article III[]

If any signatory of this treaty deems it prudent to cancel their signature, 24 hours notice must be given.


For the Federation of Disparu,

For Kitex,

  • President Nouri Shiznay

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