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August von Mackensen
Member of Parliament
August von Mackensen

Assumed office
November 20th, 2009
Preceded by None
Succeeded by Incumbent

August von Mackensen is the 9th Emperor of the Austrijski Republika. Mackensen oversaw the Republika's movement into the The German Empire, thus granting the nation's strength to this collective power. Although he was first heavily criticized by the nationalists for sacrificing much of the nation's image for protection, the vast majority of citizens soon hailed him as a hero. Barbarism on preying on the weak was a common practice, but such a threat wasn't at the Republika's door any longer.

The German Empire[]

Within the first week of returning to The German Empire (historically a member of TGE until the first nation collapsed), he managed to secure himself as a Reichstag Senator, and through enough efforts, Vice Chancellor - ruler of the Reichstag.