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Auctor is a 26 year old male. He lives in Maryland, USA with his father, mother, six sisters, and two brothers. He loves steak, hard crab, and just about anything else he can sprinkle Old Bay on. He is the fearless leader of Wyrdgar.

Currently, Auctor is the most popular member of The Grand Lodge of Freemasons, although some say that Petro of Owlandia may actually hold that title. He is a member of the elite strike force, WOLVERINES, as is the devilishly handsome Petro of Owlandia and Lemax of Defiance.

He is also considered, by many, to be an official Living Legend of Planet Bob, known and revered by almost as many as Petro of Owlandia or even Lemax of Defiance.

Auctor is the recipient of many prestigious awards, including, but not limited to, the GLOF Honour Award (the highest award available to a non-GLoFer) twice. He was later awarded The Eye of Providence (The Highest and most Prestigious Honor within the Grand Lodge). In all likelihood, Auctor will be the first and last gentleman to receive the highest external and internal award the Lodge bestows upon it's finest friends.

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