National Flag
Capital City Kanzopolis
Official Language(s) English, Vietnamese
Demonym American
Established 7/6/10
(3,683 days old)
Government Type Communist Communist
Ruler NationalNation
Nation Team Aqua team Aqua
Total population 155 supporters
 Number of civilians civilians
 45 (60) soldiers
Population Density 6.38
Literacy Rate 20 percent%
Religion Buddhism Buddhism
Total casualties 0
 0 attacking
 0 Nations (47.90%)") defending
Currency Currency Florin Florin
Infrastructure 8.00
Technology 2.50
Nation Strength 67.400
Nation Rank 22,407 of 5,242 (427.45%)
Total Area 24.237
Environment 2.5 stars (.66)
War/Peace Peace Currently at peace
Native Resources Coal, Pigs

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