The attempted assassination of Midwayan President Ulysses Lee was a event that happened during the March 13th Massacre. During this event Midwayan President Ulysses Lee was giving a speech to the people of the Union of Midway regarding the Pikachurin Search and Rescue Team, when several FNR agents barged in and shot him. The bullets were lodged into his chest, near his heart and he was brought to the hospital in critical condition. He immediately underwent a several hour long surgical operation to remove the bullets from his chest. The operation was a success, and the President regained consciousness on March 14th, 2011, 1 day earlier than expected. He was declared well enough to travel on a wheelchair (if accompanied by a doctor) on March 15th, 2011. Ulysses Lee has since made a full recovery.

Initial ReactionEdit

The initial reaction to the event was mixed, as simultaneously the March 13th Massacre occurred. Thus it didn't get out to the public that the President had been injured until after the event. By that time he was already in the operating room.

Reaction to the eventEdit

After the March 13th Massacre ended it immediately got out that the President was injured. Emperor Zabuza Hashimoto of the Union of Midway immediately headed to the hospital where Ulysses Lee was, as he was worried about his friend. After the operation ended Zabuza Hashimoto gave a speech to the people of the Union of Midway, in which he proclaimed it a day of national mourning (for the March 13th Massacre). He also vowed not to let up on FNR or their allies until their leadership was either dead or captured.

The United States of JBR showed deep condolences to the Union of Midway and the President declared the day of silence. The President announced of deeper renovations to stop terrorism and recently submitted a private letter to the Emperor of the Union of Midway on JBR's due of respect and hopes for the swift recovery of Ulysses Lee.

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