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This alliance merged to become part of Ragnarok.

Merger occurred on/around May 5, 2008
More info is available here.
Atlantic Shadow Confederation
ASC Official Flag

ASC Official Flag

Old ASC Flag
Old ASC Flag
ASC Motto: Fortune Favors the Bold
Team Color Aqua team.gif Aqua
Founder(s) Anomaly, Jacksonians, CmdrChobo, Palehorse
Founded March 1, 2007


link= alliance Statistics as of 02/29/2008

Total Nations 142
Strength 1,968,050
Avg. Strength 13,860
Nukes 158
Score 8.08
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Main Info[]

The Atlantic Shadow Confederation was born in March 1, 2007, as a result of the merge between the Orange Shadow Force and The Atlantic Union.

The Atlantic Shadow Confederation is one of the alliances that was involved in the Third Great War, on the side of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization and their allies, eventually being defeated, and surrendering, with the terms that it would pay $50,000,000 in war reparations to the New Pacific Order.

Soon after the war, the Atlantic Shadow Confederation became a signatory of GUARD. Recently, the ASC decided it wasn't within its best interests to stay as a signatory, and left the Grand Union, soon to be followed by many of the other signatories.

Most recently, the ASC started a MADP with Farkistan and the Random Insanity Alliance known as The SuperFriends. It now contains ASC, Fark, RIA, The Global Order of Darkness, and Ragnarok.


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