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This alliance merged with =LOST= and Greenland Republic to form The Last Remnants.

Merger occurred on/around June 19, 2011
More info is available here.

This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded.

Flag of Athens
Flag of Athens
War Flag of Athens

Motto: Per Angusta Ad Augusta-Through difficulties to greatness.

Team Color Aqua
Founded August 3, 2008
IRC Channel #athens on
Forums Link to Athens forums
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Government of Athens
  • Archon eponymos - Rsoxbronco1
  • Archon basileus - Rush Sykes
  • Archon - Jgoods45
  • Strategos - Londo Mollari
    • Deputy - WickedJ & Tyler
  • Theorodokos - Voodoo Nova
    • Deputy - Ryxeria
  • Agoranomos - Azelie
    • Deputy - Abdul Amin
  • Dikast - an4rk
    • Deputy - Eragon55
  • Didact - Medtech
    • Deputy - N/A
  • Choregos - Fyfe XIV
    • Deputy - N/A
Aqua Senator

Athens is an Aqua team alliance announced on August 3, 2008. It was formed from the merger of Camelot and Heroes of the Union

The Charter of Athens[]

Athens Charter -


The Early Days[]

Athens was formed on August 3, 2008, from the merger of two smaller alliances, Camelot and Heroes of the Union. It was a project that had been weeks in planning, and was supposed to address deficiencies in each alliance. Camelot, at 600,000 NS, had a large number of bank nations and a decent economics department and guides, while Heroes of the Union, at 700,000 NS, had mostly smaller nations but an excellent recruitment department under the leadership of President Bodine. The alliance that formed as a result of the merger was called Athens. The new government system, a 5 man "Council of Archons", each with equal power and individual areas of responsibility, was divided and inefficient. Still, the government and membership was optimistic about the promise of the new alliance, and it seemed at first that the sky was the limit. Some of the early notable members of Athens were: Londo Mollari (King of Camelot, the titular head of the new council of Archons, and founder of the short-lived but moderately productive CAFE aqua trade forums), an4rk (founding member of Camelot who came from the Atlantic Shadow Confederation with Londo and Lightningdelta when the ASC merged into Ragnarok), Rsoxbronco1 (a HoTU triumvir and the instigating element in the merger on HoTU's end), PresidentFox (a HoTU triumvir and former member of IRON), Lightningdelta (Magician and co-founder of Camelot, who came from the Atlantic Shadow Confederation with Londo when ASC merged into Ragnarok), Panfilo (Prince of Camelot and a new Archon in Athens), Kamichi (former co-leader of LUE and former Prince of the Mushroom Kingdom, and Jack the Great (the MoFA of the new alliance).

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First War Against NPO[]

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Post-War Rebuilding[]

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Second War against NPO[]

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War History of Athens[]

War Who Outcome Ribbon
War of the Coalition Friends Over Infra vs The Continuum, One Vision and Allies Defeat Athens Surrenders to NPO/TPF/SSSW18[1] Campaignr2dt6
Karma War Karma vs. The Hegemony (Power Sphere) Karma Victory [2][3] Karmawar
TPF War Athens, Ragnarok, \m/, GOD vs. TPF White Peace [4] TPF-2
TOP-C&G War TOP & Co vs. C&G C&G Victory TOP-war
PB-NpO War PB & Co vs. NpO & Co PB Victory N/A


Signatory of the The ZI Peace Pact

Athens employs the use of Non-Public Treaties. They currently have one.

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