National Flag
Capital City Kartik
Official Language(s) German, English
Established 09/27/2006
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Ruler Crin Ignis
Alliance Stygian Vanguard
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Red team Red
Statistics as of 03/09/2007
Total population 7,953
 5,368 civilians
 2,585 soldiers
Literacy Rate 41.10%
Religion Jainism Jainism
Currency Currency Mark Mark
Infrastructure 651.16
Technology 66.95
Nation Strength 4,416.699
Nation Rank 7,623 of 5,242 (145.42%)
Total Area 412.63 Earth icon
Native Resources Lumber Pigs
Connected Resources Coal Gold Lead Marble Oil Uranium
Bonus Resources Microchips

Ruled by the Archlord, Crin Ignis, leader of the Stygian Vanguard.

Following recent economic reforms, the people of Astraliskya are once more living excessive lifestyles. Increased spending on education has also helped boost the overall quality of life.

Current Events Edit

Die Groß Schisma Edit

Die Groß Schisma, or The Great Schism as it is known in English, was the culmination of hostilities on April 28, 2007 that erupted into full-out civil war within the Stygian Vanguard. The main conflict of the Schism was between Astraliskya and the rival nation of Killjoy.

Conflict began with an Astraliskyan assault on Killjoy's lands, known as Unternehmen Stumm Angreifen (Operation Silent Assault). The operation is still underway, with overwhelming Astraliskyan success on all fronts.

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