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Assassination of James Collins
LocationDonegal, United Republic of Ireland
DateDecember 31, 2011
TargetJames Collins
AssailantsNew Ulster Army
Defender(s)Secret Service of the United Republic of Ireland

On December 31st 2011, James Collins, the first vice-president of the United Republic of Ireland, was assassinated in Donegal. James Collins was traveling to Donegal to spend the New Year's with his family but his convoy was ambushed by the New Ulster Army and he was shot in the head while trying to escape.


Three days before the assassination, the New Ulster Army received an anonymous tip-off regarding the route that James Collins will take when he travels up to Donegal to spend the New Year with his family. The NUA then sent 200 fighters up to Donegal to prepare to ambush the Vice President and his convoy.


The assassination took place in a country road surrounded by hills and miles from any towns or villages at about 3:40pm. The NUA placed a road block on the road just as the Vice Presidents convoy approached. The 5 car convoy came to a halt on the two armed secret service agents got out and went to approach the road block. Before they got the chance to investigate it, they were shot and suddenly 100+ NUA gunmen attacked the convoy in all directions. Collins remained in his car with a pistol as his men tried to subdue the threat. As the gunfight continued, Collins attempted to escape by making a run for it but he was spotted by one of the NUA gunmen and shot in the head. Once the assassination took place, the NUA gunmen ditched their weapons and escaped the scene.

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